Chapter 1 Chapter 1: “An ancient Book”


Miaow, miaow, mi, mi miaow… Hi there my friends! I’m Merlin, the school’s kitten. Well, maybe you have never seen me, because I’m a solitary cat, let’s say that I prefer to spend most of my time on my own… so that I can meditate, read, investigate and… solve mysteries…

By the way, I am not a stray cat. To start with, royal blood runs in my veins, yes, yes, yes! My ancestors have lived in the most powerful courts of the word, mainly in England, since I am a rag doll, which means a doll made of fabric, sort of.


This is the reason why I move with outstanding elegance and I take a bath like ten times a day! Although most people believe I do nothing… I am an investigator!

Usually, I walk around the school at night, when there is nobody around and enter the classrooms, the head’s office or the library, which is definitely my favourite place! For instance, I’m in the library at the moment, I love the smell of old books!

Hello… what is that light that glows in the dark… Let’s see… Ah! It looks like it comes from a book! One more leap. There’s nobody around, right? It looks like I’m alone. Ok, one more step. The light is getting brighter! Uf, it dazzles me! I can’t see a thing. Is it a magic book or what? Oops, I can’t feel the floor! I’m floating! Aaaaaaaaa! Where am I?