3.2 Part 3

“Who’s there?” Muttered the king tiredly.

“Meow, meow. It’s me Merlin, the cat” Merlin did not say anything about being a sorcerer just in case.

“Ah… Merlin the sorcerer!” Exclaimed Uther, and his tired eyes brightened a little. “Thank goodness! You are just on time! I was looking forward to meeting you.”

“Your Majesty.” Whispered Merlin, bowing a little.


“You are the only hope for my kingdom!”

“Am I?”

“I won’t live long, and there must be a successor or there is going to be a terrible war among the Lords to gain the throne.”

“What a mess!” Thought Merlin.

“Listen to me attentively,” proceed the king, “ 16 years ago, my wife Igraine gave birth to my son, Arthur. In order to protect him from our enemies we secretly gave the baby to a noble family so that they would raise him. The name of this Lord is Sir Ector. He lives in the countryside not far from here. You must find him and tell him that the time has come to bring Arthur back to Camelot and reveal his true identity.”

Hardly moving, Uther produce an old parchment from under his blanket.

“Come closer noble Merlin” Ordered the king.


Merlin gulped and started to shiver, this was too dangerous, too risky! And he was just a kitten!!

“Here is the map so that you can find Sir Ector’s farm, and a personal letter to him telling him what to do. You must rush to get there before the night falls. Beware the wolves in the forest! “ “ Wolves?” Stammered Merlin in panic. “Yes, among some other dangers, such as snakes, spiders, scorpions and thieves…”

Merlin grabbed the parchment, lowering his big blue eyes and dragging his feet, walked out the royal chamber.