Chapter 4 Chapter 4: “The dangers of the Forest”


Merlin left the castle feeling gloomy and distressed.

“Meow, meow, meowwwwww! What a mess! This mission is too dangerous, someone is going to kill me! Either an animal or if I cannot find Arthur, a soldier might kill me during the war! Meoww, meow…”

Merlin sat down under a tree and began to whimper with his face between his paws. As his eyes were blurred with tears, Merlin could not see the knight that was coming towards him.

“If it is the cute cat who visited Camelot!”

Merlin jumped backwards into the air while all his hair stood on end.

“Meowwwwwww! What, what, I mean who are you??” Cried Merlin.

“Hey buddy, chill out!” Laughed the knight calmly. “It’s me, Sir Ulfius!


“Sir who?”

“Sir Ulfius! I am one of the most respected knights of Camelot! And certainly, the most loved knight of all! Now, my furry friend, why are you so blue? I mean, maybe I can lend a hand…” And as he was speaking, Sir Ulfius offered his hand to Merlin.

“Well… Mister, I mean Sir…“ muttered Merlin sobbing, “I am in distress, because I must find Sir Ector and give him a message, a very important message from the king and I can’t read the map…”

“Aha… let me see… I’m really good at reading maps… and I happen to be free at the moment, so I could take you to the lands of this Sir Ector”

“Oh!! Thank you, noble knight! You’ve saved my life” sighed the cat.

“Not so fast, my friend… according to this map, we have a long journey… and it is getting dark… which means we will have to camp in the forest tonight… and as you know, there are many dangers here, especially in the dark… But fear not, I am very skillful with my sword.”

“Well, that’s a relief.” Lied Merlin, who was terrified.

“First thing first, we must light a fire, so you can go and get some logs.”


“Yes, some twigs to light the fire.”


“Yes, wood from the trees!!” Replied the knight giggling.


So, Merlin, without asking any more questions, started picking up some twigs from the forest. He didn’t like this activity at all. To start with, a cat is not supposed to be collecting wood to light a fire, and it was getting dark!

Even if cats can see in the dark… Merlin knew there were many hidden dangers in the forest, things he didn’t know!!