3.1 Part 2

As he walked through the portcullis, he was ecstatic! It was full of stalls, selling all kinds of things, from fruit to pottery, fabrics and even medicines!

People came with buckets to collect water from a well, and the place was cheerful and lively!


“Welcome to the Middle Ages” thought Merlin while advancing confidently towards the castle proper.

Eventually, he crossed the main square and got to the main gate of Camelot.

“What should I do? If I say I am a sorcerer, maybe they will ask me to do some magic to prove it! And I don’t know any spells!! MMMM, what a problem! Ah! I know! I will use my feline charms, they never fail.” And without further delay, Merlin walked elegantly towards the guards and began to roll on the floor belly up, while meowing softly.

“Ha, ha, ha!!” Laughed one of the guards. “ Hey buddy! You are the cutest creature in the world! What? Are you hungry? Sure thing! Come here, for sure there’s something for you in the kitchen!

“Just like that!” thought Merlin. “So easy!!”

So not only did he enter Camelot escorted by the guard but he also had a wonderful meal.

When he had filled his belly, and checked that nobody was looking at him and started strolling through the corridors to see if he could find the king’s chamber.

“Meow! Yes! This must be the royal chamber! So many guards, and the royal banner… I’ve seen pictures like that in some books at school! And without meowing a sound he sneaked in.

Uther was in his enormous bed, which was encircled by a wood canopy and shrouded by velvet curtains. He looked quite old, and certainly very tired, or ill.