4.1 Part 2

“Uf, hurry up Merlin!” He thought. “Pick up some twigs and come back running!”

All of a sudden, he started hearing some howling. It sounded like dogs, but the sound was deeper, louder and it echoed in the wind.

“Meowwwww.” Whimpered Merlin. “This cannot be good”

And he pressed his fat belly against the ground, and all his hairs spiked like needles ready to attack or fly. His eyes opened wide and it was then he saw dozens of eyes like flames of fire flashing in the dark among the trees.

“Meowwww.” Cried Merlin and he took a big leap to jump over to the top of a branch.

The entire pack of wolves advanced among the trees slowly and menacing, ready to catch and devour our little friend.

As Merlin was meowing non stop, it was not difficult for the wolves to discover where he was, and the leader of the pack took the lead, guiding his accomplices towards the tree where Merlin was sheltering.

“There’s no way ouuuut! No way ouuuuut! Meowwwwww!” Yelled Merlin in utter panic.

Like a bolt from the blue,the sound of frenzied hoof beats on a muddy path drew closer, and the glow of a sword broke in the dark.

It was Sir Ulfius, who had heard Merlin’s cries and had come to the rescue.

“Out! Go away!! He yelled at the beasts, and wielding his sword in the air he started storming against the furious wolves. He chased them away in practically no time.

“Meowwww, ahhh, uffff.” Sighed Merlin who was still clinging from a branch at the top of the tree. “Thank you Sire!!”

“It was close, eh?, and by the way, you can call me Ulfie”

“Ah! Thanks Ulfie!”

“Come on, buddy, hop on my horse’s back, we had better ride right away!! I’m afraid the wolves may come back! We will have to ride all through the night!”

As cat and knight set off in the dark night the horse began to neigh.

“Come on buddy! Begged the knight, “what’s going on?”

As he was saying this, Merlin, who can see very well in the dark, distinguished hundreds of enormous scorpions advancing towards them.

“Woaw, I mean meow!! There are hundreds of scorpions coming!” Meowed Merlin, “I, I’m afraid they are going to kill us! AHHHHHHH!!!

“Gosh! They are not scorpions! They are serkets!! There’s no way out! We’re trapped!” Sighed the brave knight.