Chapter 3 Chapter 3: “Uther’s Last Confession”


“Wouaw! I mean Miaow!!!” Cried Merlin as the dragon soared over the woods.

“This is incredible!!”

Kilgharrah was flying as gently as he could towards Camelot, and Merlin was on his back piercing the dragon’s skin with his paws.

The view was indeed astonishing, and Camelot began to appear in the distance. Camelot was the most beautiful castle in England. It was surrounded by a big mot, filled with water, and a tall defensive wall crowned with several watch towels.

“There is Camelot” shouted Kilgharrah. “ I cannot fly any nearer, so, I will land nearby and you will have to walk to the castle”


“Ok, ok” sighed Merlin.

In no time, the dragon landed in a clearing in the forest and ducked so that Merlin could descend easily. Merlin jumped, like cats do, and landed on his feet elegantly.

“Well, my furry friend.” started the dragon“. I know you have a destiny of glory ahead, but no man no matter how great can know his destiny, he must live and learn…”

Merlin did not understand a word, so he just kept looking at Kilgharrah with his blue eyes opened like two gold coins and held his peace.

“Pay attention to my instructions, since once you get to the castle, you will be alone. You must walk through the drawbridge and trespass the portcullis. Then you will see the little village and markets inside the castle, and then, you must head to the main entrance of the castle. As you see the guards, you must say you are Merlin, the sorcerer.”

Oops, thought Merlin… too many instructions!! What a mess! Well, I’ll start walking, and then I’ll see.

So with a little bow, to show respect, Merlin said goodbye to the dragon and started his journey to Camelot.