2.1 Part 2

Merlin was so afraid that he did not even purr.


“As I was saying, when you so rudely interrupted me, Uther needs a successor, a son. I need your help, so that you can go to Camelot, his castle, and find out his secret…”

“Sir dragon,” whispered Merlin. “ I don’t know where Camelot is, or how to see the king!” “I will take you there, and you will introduce yourself as a sorcerer” “A sorcerer? What is that?”

“Ha, ha, ha!” He laughed out loud. “Sorcerers are magicians, but they have an innate gift with magic, as well as mystical or magical ancestry. So, Uther will trust you with his secret and we will be able to save the whole kingdom.”

“Ok. Let me get it straight, you will take me to Camelot, and I will introduce myself as Merlin, the sorcerer, then, the king will tell me his secret, I will tell you the secret and the kingdom will be saved. Right?

“Correct” Answered the dragon closing his eyes. “So, my little friend, jump onto my back and get ready to fly!”

“What?” Cried Merlin, jumping backwards. “No way! I’m afraid of highs! “Well… in that case, I will leave you here, alone, and for sure, the wolves will have you as their dinner tonight…Good luck.” And the dragon spread his wings to take off.

“Wait, wait!” Shouted Merlin running towards the dragon.” I will go with you, but promise you will fly gently”

“Ha, ha, ha! A wise decision. Come on, jump up!”

And as soon as Merlin was on his back, Kilgharrah spread his wings and began flying towards Camelot.