Chapter 2 Chapter 2: “The king’s Call”


Plaf, boom, scratch!!! Auch! What‘s just happened? Merlin restrained his big blue eyes and found himself in the midst of the clear of a forest. Surrounded by tall trees, it was almost impossible to see anything further afield.

“I’m lost! Help!! Help!! Anyone there?” Cried poor Merlin. All of a sudden, the leaves of the trees ruffled, it was as if a helicopter was about to land!!

Merlin looked up… and to his surprise, instead of a helicopter, he saw an enormous creature flying in circles above his head. “Goodness me!” he thought. “What is that?”


In no time the creature was in front of him. “Woaw, I mean miaow!!” cried Merlin. “ Please don’t hurt me! I just landed here, I don’t know where I am, you see, I’m lost!’

“Ja, ja, ja” laughed the creature, which was bigger than a castle. “ Fear not! I know who you are! And It was me who brought you here.”

“What? Who are you, why did you bring me here?” Winned Merlin, whose eyes sparkled like two stars in the night. “I am Kilgharrah, the Great Dragon.” started the creature. “Nice to meet you.” Lied Merlin.

“I am more than 1000 years old, and I am a master of magic. I can see the past and the future, and can perform all kinds of spells to make things happen!” By then, Merlin was really terrified… not only was this creature enormous, but it was also super powerful!

“And why did you bring me here? And where are we? If I may ask” “Well.” started the dragon softly. “ We are in England, in the Middle Ages. Our king, Uther Pentdragon, who’s not a friend of mine, is very ill, and if he dies, we will need a successor.”

“Oops! Poor king!” Interrupted Merlin. “Hush!” Roared the dragon. “ Listen carefully and don’t interrupt me!”