Chapter 5 Chapter 5: “The Great Dragon”


Serkets are mythological creatures, which look like enormous scorpions and their stings are lethal. Our brave friends were trapped, and the horse was neighing in panic.

The serkets had formed a circle around them and were advancing slowly and menacingly.

Sir Ulfius, sword in hand, was wielding his weapon bravely and Merlin… well, Merlin had jumped on top of his friend’s shoulders nailing his claws and standing his hair on end!

At that very moment a strong wind waved the treetops, and a gigantic fire flame burned the land.

“Kilgharrah! “Shouted Merlin. “Kilgharrah came to the rescue!!

The majestic figure of the great dragon shone in the dark, he landed just in the center of the circle and his fire breath burned the serkets in no time.


“Hurray!” Howled Merlin. “Bravo, Kilgharrah!”

“You’re welcome. Ha, ha ,ha.” Laughed the dragon. “I can see that your mission is more dangerous than I expected… mmm, you will need some extra help…”

“Are you coming with us, then?” Asked Merling almost begging.

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible… but I can give you some super powers, my dear feline friend.”

“What? Like Superman?”

“Ha, ha, ha! Who is Superman?

“Never mind. I forgot we are in the Middle Ages!”

“I will transform you into the most powerful sorcerer of all times!”

“Meow…” Wondered Merlin. “What does that exactly mean?”

“It means that you will be able to do magic, transform your physical appearance, see the future and defeat your enemies using bolts of light.”


“Cool!” Celebrated Merlin. ”How so?”

“I must cover you with my fire.”

“Hey, hey, hey!” Shouted Merlin, already walking backwards. “You will kill me with your flames! No way!”

“Ha, ha, ha!” Chuckled the dragon. “I have many different kinds of flames. This one, in particular, is not hot. It is a blue flame that will turn you into the most famous sorcerer of all times! Take a deep breath! Take a deep breath! I say!”