5.1 Part 2

Merlin was shivering from head to tail, but what could he do? The enormous creature was already in front of him, his serpent-like eyes flashing like torches and his wings spread in the air.

There and then and without further ado, he inhaled and exhaled a blaze of blue fire that flued Merlin backwards.


“You are a super warlock now, but remember, no man, or cat for that matter, no matter how great, can know his destiny, he must live and learn.” Said Killgharrah solemnly.

Merlin was confused, and certainly did not understand a word of what the dragon said, but Sir Ulfus, on the other hand, understood very well the message and knew that Merlin was destined to make Arthur the greatest king of Britain.

At that moment, Killgharrah pronounced some kind of magic words and an enormous sword appeared in front of him. The dragon extended his paw and wielding it in front of his mouth exhaled another blaze of blue fire that enlightened the whole place.


The sword was magnificent and on its blade it read: “Excalibur” written in gold letters

“Sir Ulfius!” Commanded the dragon “You must escort Merlin to Sir Ector’s place but before doing so, you must bury Excalibur in a stone in the greatest church in London, St Paul’s church.”

“How so?” Protested the knight.

“Merlin has super powers now!” Grinned the dragon, “so, you must go to St Paul’s church, find a rock in the churchyard which reads:


“Merlin,” proceeded the dragon, “you must stick Excalibur in the stone, and you, Sir Ulfius, must talk to the Archbishop and tell him he must invite all the nobles to gather at St Paul’s on Christmas morning because there will be a miracle that would reveal the true heir of the throne.”

“Meow… And will the Archbishop agree to all this?” Questioned Merlin biting his nails.

“Of course!” Giggled the dragon. “The Archbishop adores miracles!!! Now run!! There’s no time to lose! And remember, this is the most powerful sword on earth! Protect it with your lives! Run! Run to the church!!!”