Chapter 6 Chapter 6: “Sir Ector and Sir Kay”


As soon as the Dragon finished giving the instructions, he spread his wings and disappeared in the night leaving our brave friends in total shock.

“Meow.” Sighed Merlin. “And now, what?”

“I guess, we must be going.” replied Sir Ulfius “jump on my horse, we are riding to London”


Once in London, Merlin stuck the sword in the stone while his friend delivered the message to the Archbishop, who, of course became very excited and agreed to summon all the nobles to St Paul’s church on Christmas morning.

“I believe that we could ensure the presence of all the nobles if we invite them to a tournament!!” Murmured the Archbishop. “They may not come to the church, but none of them would miss a good tournament!

“A what?” Asked Merlin, who didn’t know anything about the Middle Ages

“A tournament, you cat!” Chuckled the Archbishop. “A one on one duel between mounted knights using wooden lances.”

“Ah, a game! Like a show?” Grinned Merlin.


“Yes, in a way. But knights of noble families display their chivalrous qualities and win both riches and glory. So, you see, my feline friend, everybody will participate! After all, they all want to be the king of Britain!!!” Laughed the Archbishop, and without further delay, started to write the invitation letters to deliver the news all around the kingdom.

In no time the invitation arrived at Sir Ector’s place, and it was received by none other than Arthur!

“Please, can I come with you? Begged Arthur as he was watching his father and brother saddling their horses to go to the tournament in London. “Please! I promise I won’t get in the way, and I’ll sharpen your weapons and shine your armour and look after the horses!!!”

“You are too young,” said Kay, dismissively, “and you’re not even a knight.”

Kay, or rather Sir Kay, since he had just been knighted, took delight in rubbing this fact on his brother’s face. He felt important, and now he could take part in real tournaments!

“But… you will need a squire,” said Arthur. “Please, let me be your squire.”

Sir Ector was in two minds, but eventually agreed.

“Well, Arthur, I suppose you might be useful… besides, shortly you will be knighted too, and this could be good training.” Murmured Sir Ector ignoring Kay’s complaints. “Anyway, we must hurry since there will be people coming from far and wide to take part or watch! Besides, this tournament is different.”


“What do you mean?” Asked Kay.

While Sir Ector was telling the story, they all began to ride towards London to get there in time for the big event.